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Spa 35 Services

CoolSculpting  Fat Removal Spa 35 Med Spa Boise.jpg

CoolSculpting® Fat Removal

Ready to lose some extra fat without surgery? CoolSculpting is the world's leading non-surgical way to get rid of fat.

Perfect for those stubborn areas that don't respond to any amount of diet and exercise.

Pricing varies by treatment, from $999 and up.

Botox Injections for Crows Feet Spa 35 Med Spa boise V2 7-28-2018.jpg

Botox® Wrinkle Relaxer

Tired of crow's feet that make you look angry or old? Botox is the perfect way to relax the muscles that create wrinkles around and between your eyes. Forehead furrows are another great place to treat.

Botox is sold by the injected unit, which are typically $10.99. Total treatment cost can vary from $99 to $299 and up, depending upon the number of areas you want treated, the size of the treated muscle and other factors.

Lip Filler Juvederm Restylane Spa 35 med spa Boise.jpg

Kissable Lips -Juvederm®

Making your lips look their best is one of our favorite things to do at Spa 35. Juvederm® and Restylane® are too of our most popular dermal fillers for enhancing your lips.

Pricing varies from $599 and up.

Menu Voluma Cheeks V2 1500x1500 7-28-2018.jpg

Youthful Cheeks - Voluma®

Restore the "apples" of your cheeks with Voluma or Lyft injections. As we age the fat pads of the cheek shrink, making us look older. These areas can be enhanced with dermal fillers.

Pricing typically starts at $699 and goes up based upon the product used and the amount.

Sculptra Dermal Filler Spa 35 Med Spa.jpg

Sculptra® - Natural and Gradual

Stimulate your skin to rebuild itself back to a younger version of you! Sculptra stimulates the production of natural hyaluronic acid and collagen. Giving you a fresh, new look that is gradual and natural.

Laser Hair Removal Spa 35 Med Spa Boise.jpg

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving and waxing before you can go out and enjoy life? It's time for laser hair removal. Common treatment areas include: underarms, lower legs and bikini.

Usually sold in a package of six treatments. Pricing varies widely, so please call for more pricing information.

IPL Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation Spa 35 Med Spa Boise.jpg

IPL - Age Spot Removal

Skin can become filled with brown spots and redness from sun and other environmental damage. IPL light treatments even skin tones and discoloration

Sold in packages of three for maximum results.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Spa 35 Med Spa Boise.jpg

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

If you're looking to tighten facial skin and smooth out textural irregularities the CO2 maybe the right treatment for you. One of our most effective laser treatments - great results require 5-7 days of downtime.

Profound LIft Spa 35 Med Spa Boise.jpg

Profound® Lift

Loose skin on the face, particularly along the jaw line has been difficult to improve without a face lift, but now there is Profound!

A revolutionary and unique procedure that injects high powered energy into the foundation of your skin to rebuild elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen - which are fundamentals of tight fresh looking skin.

Pixel Laser Resurfacing plus IPL Spa 35 Med Spa 7-28-2018.jpg

Pixel Laser Resurfacing

Rough texture and discoloration can be improved with a "weekend" laser peel and IPL combination.

Downtime is manageable at about three days. Afterwords your skin will glow as age spots and roughness are dramatically improved.

Menu Intima Vaginal Rejuvenation Spa 35 7-28-2018.jpg

Intimate Wellness

Vaginal aesthetic treatment for common signs of aging.

A series of three treatments is typically recommended.

Schedule a private and complimentary consultation to learn more.

O Shot Spa 35 Med Spa Boise.jpg

O Shot

Enhance your enjoyment of intimacy with the O Shot! It's a quick treatment with big results!

A series of two treatments provides maximum results.

Tattoo Removal Menu Pic 1500 x 1500 8-20-2018.jpg

Tattoo Removal

Has your tattoo lost it's unique message that was so important in your youth? We have the latest technology in Picosecond laser technology that has the best tattoo clearance with the least number of treatments.

Pricing varies by size and color. Please schedule a complimentary consultation for a pricing.

Acne Sublative Menu Dr Gold 1500 x 15008-24-2018.jpg

Acne Scar Reduction

Reduce the visual impact of acne scars by rebuilding the collagen under the pit and resurfacing your skin.

Optimal treatment plans and pricing vary widely, based upon your current condition, goals, budget and available downtime.

Services for Men

CoolSculpting for men Spa 35 Med Spa 7-28-2018.jpg

CoolSculpting® for Men

Men have discovered the benefits of CoolSculpting®! Beer belly, love handles and "man boobs" are some of the most popular treatment areas.

Pricing starts at about $800.

Botox Men Menu 1500x1500 8-11-2018.jpg

Botox for Men

Men are increasing clients at Spa 35® for Botox®. Crow's feet are the most common treatment areas with "coaches forehead" a close second.

Don't look angry, get Botox!


Latisse - Natural Lashes Spa 35 Med Spa.jpg

Latisse - Lashes Naturally

Looking for longer lashes without extensions? Grow your own lashes longer and fuller with Latisse!

Available in 3ml and 5ml sizes. In store purchases only.

Obagi Before After V2 Spa 35 Med Spa.jpg

Obagi Skin Care

Trust the time proven Obagi system to look your best!

Schedule a complimentary consultation!

Why Chose Spa 35 Med Spa for Your Cosmetic Treatments?

The medical providers at Spa 35® Med Spa have been delivering cosmetic services for twelve years. Our staff includes Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Aestheticians.

Med Spa Services;

If your goals or questions involve services outside of the Spa 35 suite of services and products chances are we're got great resources in the Cosmetic and Wellness Center to help you. From Idaho Chiropractic who specialize in health and wellness, and Dr. Michael Bailey a preeminent cosmetic surgeon to Dr. Comstock and Morrell Dentistry who provide teeth whitening, you have a broad set of resources available when you're in our facility.

Results of Spa 35 procedures vary by individual. Photographs are used for illustrative purposes. Your results will be impacted by overall health, genetics, diet, exercise, sun exposure and other factors. There are no permanent treatments that will stop you from aging. Cosmetic treatments at Spa 35 can be though of as "rolling back the hands of time" by removing or storing changes in your face and body that result from aging and environmental damage. For the longest lasting results follow a good program of diet, exercise and avoidance of environmental damage (sun, smoke, etc.).