Common Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas;

  • Bikini

  • Brazilian Bikini

  • Under Arms

  • Lower Legs

  • Arms

  • Face

  • Lip

  • Neck

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** Results vary. Laser Hair Removal Video show the biologic changes that occur from the delivery of laser energy to the hair shaft and resulting hair growth changes that occur in the hair follicle

Enjoy the modern way of dealing with unwanted hair- Laser hair removal. After Laser Hair Removal at Spa 35® you won't be embarrassed by stubborn stubble or waste valuable time shaving and plucking hair as part of your daily routine. Call today for your complimentary consultation 208-367-0700. 

** Results vary. Laser Hair Removal. Common treatment areas are Brazilian, bikini, underarms, lower legs, face, upper lip and lower arms

Laser hair removal is wonderful time saver. In a few treatments you can save time everyday by eliminating the need to groom and remove undesirable hair. Laser hair removal is done in a series of treatments that are usually scheduled 4-8 weeks apart. During each treatment less hair will be visible and the hairs will become finer in thickness. Typically 6-8 total treatments are needed. For most people a few fine hairs will always remain in the treatment area and hair "reduction" is sometimes a better way to think about hair removal.

The ideal candidate has dark hair and light skin. The larger the contrast between the skin color and the hair color the more effective your treatments. Treatments can be a little uncomfortable. When the laser energy is absorbed by the hair shaft it is converted into heat which stops the follicle from growing more hair.

Before your laser hair removal treatment your treatment area should be shaved, ideally with 1-2 days of stubble. No plucking of hairs should be done before your hair removal treatment, we want a hair shaft to be in the hair follice during your treatment. Here is what you can expect with your laser hair removal treatment;

Laser Hair Removal Overview

  • A consultation with a Skin Specialist to determine if a Laser Hair Removal treatment is right for you
  • No sun exposure or use of tanning beds for 2-3 weeks prior to your laser hair removal procedure
  • Skin must be free of self-tanning products in order to be treated
  • Shaving the area 24-hours prior to the laser treatment is recommended
  • An advanced light technology selectively targets hair follicles for permanent hair reduction
  • Following the laser treatment, an ice pack may be applied to decrease the sensation from laser pulses
  • A laser treatment schedule is established at intervals in order to support successful permanent laser hair reduction. A series of laser treatments is recommended to achieve optimal results
  • No shaving of the treated area for 1-3 days post laser treatment
  • Sun block is a must due to increased sun sensitivity

Results vary by individual. The best candidate generally has high color contrast between hair and skin (dark hair, light skin). Photographs are for illustrative and marketing purposes only. Some people do not respond to laser hair removal treatments. Hormone imbalances can impact hair removal effectiveness. Polycystic ovaries is a commonly seen condition that negatively impacts the effectiveness of these treatments.

Why Chose Spa 35 Med Spa for Your Cosmetic Treatments?

The medical providers at Spa 35 Med Spa have been delivering cosmetic services for twelve years. Our staff includes Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Aestheticians.

Laser hair removal - common treatment areas are bikini, underarms, face, arms and lower legs

Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

** Results vary. Laser Hair Removal - Alma Lasers Soprano Family of products feature two modes of laser hair removal. HR and SHR. This vidoe demonstrates the SHR mode.

How Much Does Hair Removal Cost?

Costs for laser hair removal varies by treatment area and the number of treatments purchased. Most common treatment areas are: bikini, underarms, lower legs, upper legs, face, and arms. The cost typically ranges between $399 - $3,999. With the wide range of treatment areas and variety of treatment packages the best way to get an accurate price estimate is to contact the Spa 35 team at, they're free so you can get an accurate price estimate and determine if Laser Hair Removal is for you.


Will Laser Hair Removal Work For Me?

Yes. Most people can achieve a 80-90% reduction in hair growth with laser hair removal. A small percentage of people are "non-responders" meaning laser hair removal will not work for them. The best results in laser hair removal are experienced by those who have dark hair and light skin. People who closely follow the treatment schedule (the number and frequency of treatments) also have the best results.  Blond hair is typically not treatable and red hair is difficult to treat. The great news is that the most obvious hairs, the dark ones, are the easiest to treat.

*Results Vary. Laser hair removal feedback from happy spa 35 med spa customer - google review

*Results Vary. Laser hair removal feedback from happy spa 35 med spa customer - google review

*Results vary. Google review from spa 35 medical spa client five stars out of five

*Results vary. Google review from spa 35 medical spa client five stars out of five

What are common side effects of laser hair removal?

** Results vary

Generally there are minimal side effects. The skin can be red and irritated after a treatment, similar to a light sun burn, that fades within a few hours. Patients should be very careful with sun expose before and after a treatment. Skin that is actively producing melanin because of expose to the sun is more prone to complications, such as burning of the skin. The documentation for the procedure will provide you a comprehensive list of common side effects.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

The devices that are used for Laser Hair Removal have been cleared by the FDA for aesthetic and medical applications. Laser Hair Removal has been successfully performed for many years across the globe. As with many cosmetic treatments there are risks associated with Laser Hair Removal, such as burning. Details on risks and contraindications are provided as part of the consultation and are detailed in the informed consent.

Is There "Down Time" After A Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. You may be red and feel similar to a sunburn for a few hours after a treatment.  You should avoid excessive exercise and sun exposure after the treatment. Details on risks and contraindications are provided as part of the consultation and detailed in the informed consent.

Can Men have Laser Hair Removal?

Yes, men can have hair removed. Some common treatment areas for men are the front of the neck (to reduce shaving frequency), back of the hands, back of the neck, and back. Men are the fastest growing new group of laser hair removal participants. They are having the hair on their neck removed to reduce the hassle of shaving. Men with hairy backs are getting tired of asking for help shaving their back and turning to laser hair removal as long term solution.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal is tolerable, but can be uncomfortable, particularly on sensitive body parts (e.g. bikini). 

Things to consider when requesting Laser Hair Removal treatment:

  • 6-8 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart is required for maximum results
  • Hyper or hypo-pigmentation is rare but possible. 
  • Some individuals develop an irritation similar to hives; this irritation usually subsides in a few hours
  • Blistering during the treatment may be an indication of sun exposure and may result in terminating the laser treatment
  • Avoid sun exposure before your treatment. We want the maximum contrast between your skin color and hair follicle color. Skin cells that are actively producing melanin as a response to the sun are more prone to damage and burning from the laser and more prone to  over or under produce melanin after the laser treatment.
  • There are minimal risks and it is a very popular frequently performed cosmetic procedure

Other things to know about Laser Hair Removal

Hair revolves through three phases of growth. It is only during the growth phase that hair reacts to laser light. The goal in hair reduction is for laser light to penetrate to the depth of the hair follicle during the growth phase to achieve long terms results. The duration of hair growth cycles varies as to the body location being treated. The laser can only eliminate the hair that is currently in the growth phase. Multiple treatments are necessary over consistently spaced at weekly intervals in order to successfully remove hair from most areas. Following the recommendations, number of treatments and treatment schedule outlined by a Skin Specialist is an important step to successful permanent hair reduction. Final results may not be apparent for several months following the Laser Hair Removal treatments.

It is important to understand that Laser Hair Removal provides a permanent reduction, not the permanent removal of all unwanted hair. On average, each laser treatment will be associated with some permanent hair loss. A realistic goal is not total hair removal, but a reasonable degree of hair reduction. Hair that remains is often lighter in color and thinner that the original hair prior to the laser treatments. Laser Hair Removal is an extremely popular and highly effective solution for dealing with unwanted hair