Corrects Many Feminine Signs of Aging, Including;

  • Improved bladder control - mitigating or resolving urinary incontinence

  • Tightening the vaginal canal by increasing the thickness of the vaginal wall (mucosa)

  • Increasing and restoring natural lubrication. This can be particularly important to cancer survivors

  • Lightening vulvar color, correcting dyschromia that occurs from aging and friction

  • Shrinking labia for more comfort during sports and intimate contact


For years women have suffered silently from intimate health issues. They have suffered from the effects of child birth, the aging process (including menopause) and chemotherapy with few options. Until recently the only options were invasive surgical procedures that required cutting, sutures, anesthesia and long downtimes.

Now women have the option of a non-surgical procedure that addresses many of their intimate health common concerns with minimal downtown and little discomfort.

The CO2RE Intima® is a new in-office, non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy to treat changes and symptoms woman may be experience related to vaginal wellness or appearance...changes associated with childbirth and aging in he vaginal area.

** Results vary. Learn all of the details to Vaginal Rejuvenation in this episode of the Younger Games Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar:

After childbirth, many women experience looseness of the vaginal canal and the introitus (opening of the vagina). Peri, menopausal and postmennopausal women often experience VVA (vulvo vaginal atrophy) - characterized by symptoms of burning, itching, dryness and painful intercourse. And regardless of age, as women get older many experience cosmetic changes to their genitalia - such as pigmentation and sagging of the vulva skin.

The CO2RE Intima® is a medical laser that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal or vulva tissue - so cells make more collagen - improving skin tone, texture and appearance. The delivery of this laser energy to the vaginal wall stimulates a healing response that results in remodeling of the tissue fibers, thereby restoring flexibility and shape while also enhancing moisture levels in the vaginal canal.

How Does Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Work?

The CO2RE Intima ® is a laser device designed to rejuvenate the tissues of the interior and exterior of the vagina to return it to a more youthful structure and appearance. This is a quick non-surgical procedure with minimum downtime and almost no discomfort. Laser energy is used to rebuild and refresh the cells of the vagina, restoring youthful function, comfort and appearance.

A thin specialized disposable and hygienic hand piece is placed into the vagina. Then a series of short beams of light are directed toward the vaginal wall and rotated until a 360 degree treatment path has been achieved. The hand piece is repositioned for the next treatment depth and the process is repeated until the entire vaginal canal has been treated.

Next the external treatment hand piece is utilized to resurface the labia and other vulvar structures.

New collagen, blood vessels and other dermal structures rebuild and increase as a result of the laser treatment. Returning tissue to a more youthful state.

Why Chose Spa 35 Med Spa for Your Cosmetic Treatments?

The medical providers at Spa 35 Med Spa have been delivering cosmetic services for over ten years. Our staff includes a Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses.

Experience - Spa 35 has been helping clients for more than ten years with their cosmetic needs.
Medical Staff - The injector team is led by a Nurse Practitioner and composed of Registered Nurses.
Broad Scope of Expertise - From Botox to Laser Hair Removal and Non-Surgical face lifts, Spa 35® has an extensive set of experience to help you reach your goals. This means you get the expertise to help you select the service(s) are right for you and your budget. .
Continuum of Cosmetic Services -  Spa 35 is co-located with a Cosmetic Surgeon. If your goals are best met through more aggressive procedures than those offered in our Med Spa we can coordinate your treatment plan to include surgical options (e.g. facelift, blepharoplsaty, liposuction).
Customer Reviews - Spa 35 has the most Google five star reviews among Medical Spas in Boise. We also have great reviews on Facebook, YELP and DemandForce.

** Results vary. 

Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How Long Does It Take?
ANSWER: The procedure is completed in about 10 minutes. The total time of your appointment will be about an hour. This includes time to complete and review paperwork, pre-care and post-care instructions and topical numbing.

QUESTION: Is One Treatment Enough?
ANSWER: Three treatments are recommended for maximum results, particularly if your primary concern in urinary incontinence. The treatments are spaced 4-8 weeks apart. For best ongoing results we recommend a yearly “touch-up” treatment (a single procedure).

QUESTION: When Will I "See" Results?
ANSWER: Within four weeks of the procedure most women begin to feel internal changes and decreased incontinence (if that was a problem). The external area will show results in 10-15 days

QUESTION: How Much Downtime Will I Have?
ANSWER: From a daily routine perspective there is no downtime from the Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation procedure. You can got back to work or your household activities immediately after the procedure. Nothing should be placed in the vagina for 5-7 days after the procedure (tampons, etc.). See the informed consent paperwork for more details.

QUESTION: What is the Difference Between Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation and Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation ® (LVR ®)?
ANSWER: Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation ® and LVR ® are registered trademarks of Dr. David Matlock. It is a more aggressive procedure that uses a combination of light based surgical and non-surgical methods to resize the vaginal canal and labia. You can find more on Dr. Matlock’s procedure here - .

** Results vary. CO2RE Intima is a simple non-surgical laser procedure that can treat the symptoms of menopause - dryness, itching, pain, and dyspareunia to restore vaginal health. For more information, visit

QUESTION: What is the Difference Between Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty?
ANSWER: Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the labia. It can be combined with other surgical and non-surgical treatments to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. More information can be found here: .

QUESTION: Does Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Require Me To Be Sedated Or Under General Anesthesia?
ANSWER: No. The procedure is relatively pain free. A topical analgesic is applied to the external treatment area. The internal treatment does not require any numbing.

QUESTION: What Differences Will My Partner Notice?
ANSWER: Partners may report a tighter experience during intercourse, increased lubrication has also been reported. Partners may also notice a lighter skin tone (decreased hyperpigmentation). .

QUESTION: Will My Sexual Experience Improve From Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation?
ANSWER: Many patients report an increase in orgasms and increased sensitivity during intercourse. Though there have been no clinical trials regarding this benefit from the procedure.

QUESTION: What Type of Equipment Is Used In This Procedure?
ANSWER: The Intima Procedure is performed with the CO2RE Intima CO2 Laser manufactured by Syneron-Candela.

click on the image above visit the syneron-candela Intima page

click on the image above visit the syneron-candela Intima page

The Aesthetic Guide published a great article on vaginal health achieved with the CORE Intima, the device Spa 35® uses to help women maximize their intimate wellness. 

Here are some notable quotes from the article-

Dr. Samuels - "CO2RE Intima is a great tool for women's wellness. With external treatment you can also deal with dyschromia, but the internal treatment conveys a powerful medical benefit that affects a woman's quality of life"

Dr. Shafer- "Intima provides a non-surgical procedure for patients who either don't require surgery, prefer a non-surgical approach or are better candidates for laser treatment. The actual treatment is quick, painless and effective so our return rate for a second session has been 100%."

Dr. Garcia- "The depth of penetration and ratio of ablation to coagulation of the fractional CO2 laser are essential to the remodeling of tissue in the vaginal area. RF treatments do not ...."

Dr. Patel- "I have some patients as young as their early 20s wanting better 'tightness", women in their 20s or 30s wanting to treat post-partum vaginal looseness, and older women with functional problems stemming from menopause.

The vagina and vulvar age similarly to other areas of the body, with the additional stressors of child birth. Overtime the interior structures of the vaginal wall lose volume, increasing the size of the vaginal canal. Childbirth stretches and in some cases damages the vagina structural components leading to stress induced urinary incontinence. The vulvar (exterior) can become darker from the friction of clothing.


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