"O Shot" - Enhance Your satisfaction

Enjoy your intimate moments! The O Shot is a life changing procedure that increases sensitivity for women. 

O Shot - orgasms faster, more intense and multiple times

More Intense, Faster, Multiple

The O Shot creates more robust sensations during intercourse that result in orgasms that are easier to achieve, more intense and repeatable. 

What is the O Shot?

The O Shot increases sensitivity through the injection of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Growth factors in the PRP rejuvenate the tissue and increase the volume in areas of female sensitivity.  

Increased sensitivity is almost immediate. Most women report improved sensitivity within a few days of the O shot

How long does it take the o shot to work?

Expect to feel different within a few days after the procedure, however it may take as long as a month for full effect. In some cases it may take up to 3 months for full effect. 

How long does the O Shot last?

Between nine and eighteen months is usually how long the effects of the O Shot last. Some women chose to have booster shots after their initial treatment. 

O Shot enhancement of sexual sensitivity can last as long as eighteen months, though results vary by person

O Shot costs vary between $999 and $1,500 for each procedure

How Much Does the O shot cost?

The O Shot is $1,200. Be sure to subscribe to Spa 35 Med Spa emails to get the latest promotions for the O Shot.

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