Perfecting the Holiday Selfie

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The holidays are officially here, and that means gatherings with family and friends, delicious goodies and lots and lots of photos! Selfies with your co-workers at your staff Christmas party, selfies with your honey under the mistle toe and selfies with you best friends ringing in the New Year…. It’s official--- Selfie season has arrived!

Spa 35 has the perfect tips to help you achieve the best selfie. Just a quick chin raise or an angle adjustment can help you create a flawless selfie. We’ve compiled our top 5 Selfie Tips to get you prepared for a season of selfies.

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Tip #1 The Perfect Angle

Always take your selfie picture from above! Taking a picture from below is a guarantee for a double chin. Remember, camera up and chin down is the recipe for a perfect selfie.

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Tip #2 Lighting is Everything

Lighting can truly make or break your selfie. Remember to always face your light source and take advantage of natural light! Kim Kardashian apparently swears by airplane bathroom lighting! If your lighting is off, use of a black and white filter is always your friend.

Tip #3 Find the perfect background

Mistle toe, Christmas tree, sparkly lights… there’s tons of great background options for a Holiday selfie! The more creative, the better! Adding color and texture create an exciting image.

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Tip #4 Don’t fake your real smile

A real smile is always more authentic and beautiful than a fake grin. Think of something that makes you giggle, your real smile with shine through your selfie and capture your inner and outer beauty!

Tip #5 Crop ‘till you drop

Never be afraid to crop a photo if you need to, some of the best photos need a little snip in order to be perfect. Sometimes a simple zoom and crop can take your selfie from mediocre to stunning!

Tip #6 Focus on the things that are important

Now that we’ve shared tips for the perfect holiday selfie a quick reminder to think about the special moments with family and friends that make the holidays such a wonderful time of year. Let’s focus on the people we’re with and let the phone cameras capture the moment, not be the moment.

Now you’re all set for the perfect holiday selfies!

Happy Holidays from the Spa 35 Team!

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