Retin-A Great Defense Against Sun Damage

Last week and friend commented to me about how happy she was with her IPL treatment for an age spot at Spa 35. After enjoying her compliments on the treatment and the team I asked her if she was using a Vitamin A product as part of her skin care, such as Retin-A. Her reply was no.

Her response triggered a stream of thoughts upon the fact that many people I speak with have similar strategies to manage the signs of aging. When a problem arises they research potential solutions, many of which are laser based, then find the right treatment and the right time to get it done. I refer to these the "offensive strategies" (in the spirit of March Madness), see a problem and go after it.

But, there are a whole set of daily skin care products that can slow the signs of aging. Vitamin A products, such as Tretinoins, Retin-A, Retinols are great at increasing collagen volume and cell turnover. Decreased lines and wrinkles are a result of the increased collagen.

Staying in the March Madness theme I think of Tretinoin and Retin-A as great defense. It's the unsexy, boring stuff that almost everyone can do that provides great results over time. 

Combined with other skin care basics like sunscreen and Vitamin C you'll improve your skin and make the light (e.g., IPL, skin resurfacing) and injectable treatments (e.g., Botox, Fillers) even better.


The fine print: Many Vitamin A are prescription products and must be used according to the instructions and only by those without health issues contraindicated. Wear sunscreen everyday because you will be more sensitive to the sun's energy. Call 208-367-0700 for an appointment and review of your goals and medical history to see if Tretinoins are right for you.