Skin Tightening

Firms Skin By Rebuilding Collagen, Elastin And Hyaluronic Acid.

A natural part of the aging process is for our skin to become less tightly bound to the underlying structures of the body resulting in sagging and jowling. These changes are caused by physiological changes in the dermis, including elastin fibers that have decreased abilities to tension the skin (think elastic), and lower volumes of collagen and hyaluronic acid (making the skin thinner). There are also changes as the fat layer below the skin decreases in volume, after which the same amount of skin covers less facial volume.

The great news is that we know the dermis responds to stress and controlled damage by rebuilding itself to a more youthful structure! In non-surgical cosmetic medical spas we use a variety of energy sources to deliver controlled energy into the skin in a manner that minimizes energy in the upper layers of the skin (epidermis), and maximizes energy absorption in the dermis, where the structures that hold skin tight are located. This stimulates new production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid – creating more youthful, tighter skin!

Treatment areas can include almost any part of the body. As an example a Spa 35® client treated her knees to tighten lax skin that discouraged her from wearing shorts in public.

Cellulite can also be treated with skin tightening. The production of collagen that results from skin tightening can reduce the appearance of Cellulite.

Laser Skin Tightening passes infrared energy into the skin, it is converted it to heat and absorbed your collagen . The energy source is designed to target its energy into the dermis to cause the foundational layers of your skin to rebuild.

There Are Four Great Ways To Tighten Skin At Spa 35

  • Profound Non-Surgical Face Tightening

  • CO2 Laser Resurfacing Treatment

  • Women’s Intimate Tightening – Intima

  • Near Infrared Skin Tightening

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Near Infrared (NIR) Skin Tightening

With Spa 35® NIR Skin Tightening your collagen layer is rebuilt and encouraged to grow by the delivery of infrared light energy into your skin. The procedure produces safe, effective deep dermal heating, inducing neocollagenesis (growth of new collagen) without damage to the epidermis. The near infrared device exerts its biological effect on the skin through two major mechanisms:


Collagen loss from the effects of chronological aging, sun damage and oxidative stress (such as that experienced by smokers) can produce wrinkles and looseness in facial and body skin. Similar to how a helium balloon looks when left overnight the decreased volume resulting from collagen and fatty tissue loss causes the skin to wrinkle because we have the same amount of skin covering a smaller area. Loose skin can be treated with the Alma NIR ST (Skin Tightening) system, a non-invasive, minimal downtime procedure.

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Skin Tightening Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

ANSWER: The device that delivers Laser Skin Tightening, the Harmony®XL System, has been cleared by the FDA for more than 60 aesthetic and medical applications. Laser Skin Tightening is one of those approved procedures. As with many cosmetic treatments there are risks associated with Laser Skin Tightening, such as burning. Details on risks and contraindications are provided as part of the Laser Skin Tightening consultation and detailed in the informed consent.

Is there ``down time`` after an Laser Skin Tightening procedure?

ANSWER: Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure.  You should avoid excessive exercise and sun exposure after the treatment. Details on risks and contraindications are provided as part of the Laser Skin Tightening consultation and detailed in the informed consent.

How much does Skin Tightening costs?

ANSWER: Pricing depends upon the type of Skin Tightening treatment and the treatment area. You can expect to pay between $999 – $3,499.

*Results vary. The outstanding experiences referenced by Spa 35 customers in their five star reviews of Spa 35 are the opinion of the customer and may not be representative of the results or experience you will receive at Spa 35 Med Spa.