Profound Skin Treatments Produce 20-40% of the Tightening of a face lift without surgery.

Postpone a Face Lift, or Extend the Life of Your Face Lift

Spa 35® Med Spa Is The Only Location In Idaho With This Unique Skin Lifting and Tightening System

Profound lift skin tightening system stimulates the rebuilding of elastin and collagen. These are key componets to tight youthful looking skin

Are you thinking about a facelift, or trying to extend the effectiveness of your facelift? Now you have a solution that works 100% of the time with one treatment! Profound System from Syneron-Candela is a unique procedure that produces predicable, dramatic, visible changes in skin laxity without surgery. After one treatment your skin rebuilds collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to recreate the volume and structure you had at a younger age. This increase in skin tone and volume lifts and tightens your skin and decreases the amount of loose lax skin in the lower face and jawline.

Profound is a unique treatment that uses energized micro-needles combined with epidermal cooling to deliver high amounts of precisely controlled energy to the dermis while protecting the surface of the skin.

The aging process, both genetic and environmental (such as that from the sun) decrease the thickness of your collagen, decreases the amount of hyaluronic acid and weakens the tightening power of your elastin. The Profound system delivers computer controlled radio-frequency energy into these skin structures resulting in their rapid regrowth to younger volumes and function so you can look years younger.

Common treatment areas for the Profound non-surgical face lifting are the jaw/jowl, cheeks and neck. The Profound can also be used on the body as well as the face. Common body areas treated include knees, arms and abdomen.

Clinical studies have shown that 100% of people see changes in their skin and 95% see an improvement in skin laxity. These figures are much higher that competing treatments, who have a large percent of patients that are “non-responders”. This creates a competitive advantage for Profound because the results are consistent and noticeable.

The treatment takes about an hour and one half. The treatment area is numbed with a topical and then an injected numbing agent. Then the Profound hand piece is placed on the skin and it’s six pair of microneedles penetrate the skin and delivered controlled energy for approximately 4 seconds. The hand piece is moved to a new position and the process continues until the entire treatment area is covered.

Immediately after the treatment there can be some pin point bleeding and bruising. The recovery process is very tolerable. You can typically return to a normal schedule 3-5 days after the Profound non-surgical face lift.

It will take about three months for your full results to be visible. The degree of tightening and lifting varies by patient based upon the current level of collagen shrinkage and elastin damage. But experience has shown very high levels of patient satisfaction, with tightening of 20-50% of surgical procedures. Profound results are maximized when combined with fractional resurfacing, IPL and hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm.

Results last several years. A common way to think about the Profound treatment is that it rolls back the aging timeline, returning your skin to it previous condition from your younger years with new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Then, the aging process begins again from your new skin set point. Older skin that has less regeneration ability will have lower levels of response from the Profound. Keep in mind that your lifestyle decisions will impact the success and longevity of your results. Habits such as sun avoidance, diet, exercise and smoking all impact the health of your skin and its ability to build and maintain key structures.

Periodic retreatment or synergistic treatments such as IPL will extend the effectiveness of your Profound non-surgical face lift.

Why Spa 35 Med Spa is the right place for you to get your Profound non-surgical face lift?

Spa 35 is the only facility in Idaho with the Profound system from Syneron-Candela. For ten years Spa 35 has been utilizing energy based devices (such as resurfacing lasers and broad spectrum light devices) with cosmetic fillers and nuero-regulators to help our clients look and feel their best. The Spa 35 team has the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best treatments for the outcomes you seek and to help you develop a comprehensive plan to maximize and extend your Profound results. Spa 35 clients have consistently reported positive experiences and outcomes from their Spa 35 procedures as shown by the large number of five star reviews on Google, YELP and Demandforce. Spa 35 has an established relationship with a co-located cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael Bailey. This provides our clients expansive choices in their cosmetic treatment options, including face lifts, blepharoplasty, and neck lifts.

click the image to read the article. Profound non-surgical face lift and skin tightening procedure creates 30-80% the results of a surgical face lift

click the image to read the article. Profound non-surgical face lift and skin tightening procedure creates 30-80% the results of a surgical face lift

Profound Frequently Asked Questions

Non-surgical facelift. What does that mean and how does it compare to a traditional surgical face lift? The term “non-surgical face lift” has become very popular phrase in the aesthetics and cosmetic area. It has been used to describe a combination of dermal fillers and Botox with the phrase “liquid face lift”. A traditional face lift is composed of surgical techniques to trim off excess skin and reposition tissues and muscles of the face. In some cases it is combined with fat transfers or implants to replace facial volume lost during the aging process. Non-surgical face lift has become popular because people recognize the dramatic changes that can be achieved with a surgical face lift, but many do not want to experience the downtime and potential complications of a surgical procedure.

Does Profound produce the same results as face lift? No. The Profound non-surgical face lift and a traditional surgical are two different approaches to lifting and tightening skin to return it to a more youthful state. A surgical face lift is more a mechanical method, using cutting, stapling and suturing to the skin from the underlying facia, remove the excess skin and reattach the skin, connective tissues and muscle to new positions on the face. Profound rebuilds the volume of and connective strength within the skin. An analogy would be the appearance of a helium balloon when is new to how it looks the next morning when some helium has escaped. The new balloon represents the smooth face of your youth, the wrinkled balloon represents the change in appearance that occurs as your skin thins and loses volume. Profound “replaces the helium” of your face.


What does it cost? Cost vary by treatment area. Typically a face treatment is $2999. Neck, hands, arms, abdomen and knees have varying pricing. Spa 35 is happy to provide a free consultation so you can get the appropriate pricing for your desired treatment area.

Does it hurt? There is very little discomfort with the Profound treatment. The numbing process typically reduces any sensation to slight tugging or pulling of the skin.

The Drs tv show featured the profound lift. click on the image above to watch the show

The Drs tv show featured the profound lift. click on the image above to watch the show